Jan Klare Collage


who reads? who listens?

The whole business of writing about yourself, your ideas and ambitions… your success… ultimately  – who would want to know?

Are there those fans, that need some extra information… dive deeper into the music then they would do without the words. Does one create followers this way more then by just presenting the music. The whole business is definitely more for extrovert people, but then assuming that the music goes into the listener  – does it go easier into the listener by explaining, what the intention of the musician is?

As Thelonius Monk said, you can ask the music  – you question it and it will answer.

Already writing these sentences feels pretentious…. but then the fear is –  if you don’t do it, you get invisible.

Is this too self-conscious?

We invite you to listen  – and if you like  – react.

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