The Dorf

„The Dorf“ („The village“) was founded in  2006 by Klare and has since released a bunch of internationally acclaimed albums, played some important festivals and has become the subject of an exceptional film called „Jazzsoup“. Guests as Caspar Brötzmann, FM Einheit, Stian Westerhuis or Phill Niblock  have visited.
This XXL band works like a marketplace – people come together, new faces enter the scene, old acquaintances say goodbye, there are constant arguments on hierarchy and space for the individual. There are village elders, excursions and a common meal. The quite modern and therefor well sounding term „social sculpture“ should be mentioned.
„Visiting tourists“ encounter  a certain proletarian roughness- and dirt factor – placative actions, decibel and energy must be accepted. Underneath this occasionally hard shell the most tender plantlets, poets and thinkers can be found.
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1000/ 2000 – „ChamberImpClash“

The band 1000 has gone through many musical developments since it was founded in 2004 by Jan Klare, Bart Maris, Wilbert de Joode and Michael Vatcher. It actually started playing compositions mainly from the classical world by composers like Wagner Bach or Monteverdi, combined with some originals by Klare.
Although composition was always a crucial element in their music, the way these four players improvised together was the prominent impressive side of the quartet. („consistently interesting quartet that keeps evolving and getting better with each release.“ Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery). Through the years 1000 developed a very intuitive, almost telepathic musical language with an enormous instinct for form and structure.

When drummer Vatcher left to New York City in 2017 the band changed As a quartett 1000 performs also with Elisabeth Coudoux (cello).
An invitation to the Moers festival 2018 led to „2000“ – a six piece edition including Elisabeth Coudoux on cello, Steve Swell on trombone and Michael Vatcher again.

Jan Klare – reeds
Bart Maris – trumpet
Wilbert de Joode – bass
Michael Vatcher – drums
+ occasionaly
Elisabeth Coudoux – cello
Steve Swell – trombone
Conny Bauer – trombone
Elisabeth Harnik – piano
Achim Kaufmann – piano

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Together with Luc Ex and Michael Vatcher, Jan Klare had built a powerful trio, which stirs a mixture of jazz, punk and improv music.
Luc Ex´s bass playing is unique – he was a longtime member of „The Ex“ and has toured all the relevant european festivals with „Four Walls“ or „Sol 6“. Drummer Michael Vatcher went back to NYC in 2017 – since then the fast uprising drummer Onno Govaert, also from Amsterdam, who gained international acclaim with „Catus Truck“, joined the trio.
Jan Klare has just recently gained attention through his work with groups such as his extra large orchestra „The Dorf“, that has started playing some big festivals, such as the Moers Festival.

Jan Klare – as, bss
Luc Ex – bs
Onno Govaert– dr

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Tunnel & Meadow

Tunnel & Meadow ist ein mit Saxophon/ Gitarre/ Bass/ Schlagzeug (ähem) klassisch besetztes Quartett, das (ähem) konventionelle Klänge über lange Strecken stetig wiederholt und mäandert und auf diese Weise einen Zustand von Trance erreicht.

joy in repetition – not suitable for zapping

Jan Klare – Reeds
Serge Corteyn – Guitar
Johannes Nebel – Bass
Marvin Blamberg – Drums

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It´s been a while since Jan Klare released his first Solo CD on Poise/ Cologne. That album was kind of a mixed bag, trying to present various facettes of the solo saxophone – already then with the intention, not to show off skills but play music that would work beyond technical issues.
Klare is a „band-musician“ and believes music should be made with and for people.
After some years of reflecting on „why and how play solo“, he developed new ideas and recorded a new album, that was released as vinyl on Umland Records in 2020, called „B.C.“ (Before Corona). He has researched different sonic possibilities of the alto saxophone and creates stories with an intrinsic logic, non-academic, sometimes with prestructured elements and striving for dialogue.

Jan Klare – alto saxophone

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Solo Clip live 2020

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