Jan Klare Collage


out today – umland 55

alto-eager-young-u double CD

featuring compositions and improvisations with 4 masters of their craft Severely happy with this outcome from Corona times … …

This maybe at first sight a bit of twisted and not so coherent release, but this double CD features compositions and improvisations, which my friends and partners Elisabeth Coudoux – cello, Joao Sousa -drums and Florian Walter – altosax/ contrabassclarinet allowed me to realize… not to forget the Akai Electribe S, which has been with me for quite a while now. Listening back to the music, it psychedelicises me because of its numwerous floating and morphing ideas going hand-in-hand.

Take some time to listen to it…. Maybe you will fall asleep because the music sucks you into its flow, then you’ll wake up and it continues. Referring to the last release by my label-mate and friend Simon Camatta I would say „this is a not a solo record“

Thanks for deep listening

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