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gute rezension in der Downtown Music Gallery – 1000 – shoe

(Red Toucan 9343; Canada) Recorded at Studio Odeon 120, Bruxelles on
May 5, 2011. This is the third album for Bart Maris’ 1000 quartet
which features: Jan Klare on reeds (alto sax, bass clarinet & flute
from what I can tell); Bart Maris on trumpet; Wilbert de Jood one
bass and Michael Vatcher on drums. This band is called 1000
(thousand) because it was born in 2004 in a series of concerts called
1000 years of jazz , because 1000 is a strong number and because it
is as digital as can be. Although I am not very familiar with either
frontline horn player, the rhythm team mates do get around: Wilbert
DeJoode can be found on more than two discs with Ab Baars, Cor
Fuhler, Ig Henneman and Michel Braam. US born, Amsterdam-based
drummer, Michael Vatcher has recorded more than three dozen discs
with Michael Moore, Trio Braame and 4 Walls. Most of the pieces here
written by Mr. Klare who is the leader of this quartet, the rest
(four) are group improvisations. 1000 have a tightly wound group
sound, listening and responding quickly. The instrumentation is
similar to the original Ornette quartet and they seem to be
influenced at times. The group improvs are short and do a good job of
balancing the diverse written material. I like the way “Welt” starts
off slowly and then switches directions and tempos with unexpected
results. The construction of each written piece is different giving
the quartet challenges to play through. Sometimes Mr. Klare will
write some bent harmonies for both horns as well as having them
complete each other’s odd lines. 1000 is/are a consistently
interesting quartet that keep evolving and getting better with each
release. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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